What To Expect

Here is a pic of our “set-up:”

PIVOT gathering look

At PIVOT we meet as a Community of Faith. Sit in a chair, sit on the couch, or sit on the floor, it’s all good. We’re an open, accepting, loving gathering were YOU are wanted. Come as you are, come as the Divine made you. ALL ARE WELCOME.

Here’s what happens:

We Gather:

We share life, we talk, we laugh, we cry, we listen, we embrace, we care –

We Share:

We share the Teachings of Jesus, but we don’t “do a sermon” – We have open, honest conversation. Everyone’s voice matters, and we listen to what everyone desires to share. In this, we are open and honest – we speak as we normally speak – there is no need to “watch your language” when you’re being open and honest.

We Listen:

Hearing your voice is important to us. While we have a Pastor, we understand that others will have a different point of view, or an experience that can bring to life the Teaching we are striving to learn, so all voices are welcome.

We Worship:

Worship is found in community, in our gathering, in the teachings of Jesus. While we do not have music at this time [we are working on showing some videos] we are looking for what we call a “Narrative Pastor” to help with this [if you, or someone you know, might be interested, click here to find more info].

We Stand in Common Unity

“Common Unity” is where we share Communion. Starting in February 2018 we will be sharing Communion at the beginning of each month. At PIVOT we offer both Wine and Grape Juice, we also offer Gluten Free bread options. Sharing Communion is sharing in the common unity between each other, and the Divine.