The Conversation

At PIVOT we have truly open conversations, every voice counts. You are able to add your voice as we move along in dialog. Here are the guidelines we work under:

Every voice counts.

  • We do not cut others off, or try to take control of the conversation.
  • We encourage dialog and value their voice.
  • We ask that only positive comments be made.
  • We take turns, and we do not interrupt.
  • We understand that the person leading the overall conversation will direct the way the conversation moves forward.

Here is what we’re talking about now:

Too many of us have been pushed aside by the culture – and none of the reasons are good. We search for belonging, we search for a place where we are wanted, we search for a place of grace, hope, compassion and love – and unfortunately the church is not a place where we find anything like that, but we should. Join us as we explore the words of Jesus found in Matthew’s Narrative of the life and ministry of Jesus – feel wanted, feel loved, feel the compassion, hope, grace and love.


Here is what we talked about in the past:

We all have a story. We all have a past we think defines us, but does it? When we understand our back story, we understand that if we understand our story, we grow. We see the possibilities of who we are, and how we can bring wonder to this world. The Divine see in each and everyone of us the possibility to be something amazing.

Starting on 01.06.18 we will be exploring the story, and how the story fits in our lives. We will be exploring our back stories, and see how the Divine can use each of us to reach past ourselves and into the lives of others,