Point Communities

Point Communities are gatherings centering on ‘come as you are’ gatherings. Point Communities are between 10-12 friends who meet weekly to have fun, eat together, party together, fellowship together, cry together, laugh together, support each other, and study together.

Point Communities are designed to be where our faith becomes action. This means, Point Communities, working together, take action in our City – they serve the poor, help at different places in the community, as a team. This could be anything from working to serve a meal at a local serving kitchen, to making sandwiches, and heading to a park to feed the homeless; it could also mean volunteering at the local school to help students learn to read – the possibilities are endless.

Anyone at PIVOT can start a Point Community, at any time, for any reason; there is no formal process to start a Point Community. We will offer, on a regular basis, classes to help you figure out how to start a Point Community, and how to lead one. We ask you let us know what you are doing, so we can share it with others, and keep communications open.