PIVOT Point is our outreach ministry.

As PIVOT Point starts out, the biggest question is: What can we do at PIVOT to help the marginalized in out community?

We decided that for this to truly make a difference in the lives of people in out community we should not look at this as “what came first the chicken or the egg.” We decided to move past old ideas, and tackle the issues face-on.

Our goal is to help people find employment first, and do what is needed to get them connected with Safety Net services. We are looking to work with employers, and help people develop the skills needed to meet the employers needs. We understand this is a major step, but it is one we feel lead to follow.

How can you help? We have several you can help:

If you know of an employer looking – contact us via our contact page and let us know who they are.

If you feel led to help us financially, check out our PIVOT Point FundMe page – none of the funds collected via this page will go to pay salaries, or admin costs – all will be used to help those who need.

For more information contact Chris Szydelko via Facebook.

Click HERE for PIVOT Point’s Facebook page