Our Values


Our values shape every aspect of our life at PIVOT

WE VALUE THE DIVINE: We don’t speak Christianeese, we speak plain, simple words designed to help people understand who the Divine is, and how, through Jesus, we can walk closer to the Divine. Learning “Big Christian Words” does not make us a deeper follower, it just makes us think we’re impressive. When we gather for Worship our focus is to share the love, grace, forgiveness, and acceptance of the Divine to each person. No tricks, no hype, no games [ok, some games – but they’ll be fun games].

WE VALUE PEOPLE:  People are what any community should be about. Jesus was about people; the Divine is about people. People matter – they’re not a commodity, they are not an asset to help the organization grow – they are an living part of a vibrant and loving organism called “Community.” We care about people, and are there for them.

WE VALUE OUR CITY: Think of this as Compassion by Design PIVOT will identify areas of greatest need in our City through, what we are calling, Compassion by Design. Compassion by Design is a way those at PIVOT can help address the needs of the community by identifying City wide need, and make a plan to be part of the solution. Compassion by Design will develop lists, and contacts, so Point Communities, or individuals, can connect and serve.