Intentional Communications


At PIVOT we desire to maintain a life of Intentional Communication.

Ever feel like you’re outside the insider’s loop?
Ever feel like you’re the last person to know what’s happening?
Ever feel like there’s a “Leadership Click” nd they just don’t share?

We’ve all felt that way. Now, there’s no way we’ll be perfect in sharing information, remember we’re imperfect people, but we’ll strive hard to keep communications open, and transparent.

Our goal is to cut through the clutter surrounding the historical church. To do that, we’re open to Social Media, Web presence, texting, messaging, and more to communicate out to those involved at PIVOT, to help get the word out. Part of this would be to have an active Social Media presence, where posts are done on a regular basis. A Web presence, where updates are made in real time. We also believe in being 100% transparent with all financial matters, and other ideas. We’re also looking to develop a PIVOT APP, and a PIVOT Skill where communications can be quick and easy.