How We Come Togather

If you’re looking for a “normal” church, we’re not it. We do not see ourselves as ‘traditional’ or ‘contemporary,’ we’re just different. Sometimes it is hard to explain, because we are not like any other community of faith you will find in Lincoln. Let’s see if we can do this:

We’re a Community of Faith. What does that mean? For us, it means we welcome everyone regardless of their faith, understanding, life style, race, ethnic background, sexuality, or sexual identity. We care about people, and how they are walking in their faith journey.

We don’t ‘preach at you,’ we share with each other. What does that look like? Well, to start with, you will not get a ‘three points and a conclusion’ sermon. It also means we share, we all talk – we all have input – no matter what that input is. How do we do that? Well, one of our co-pastors [John or Kevin] may read something from the scriptures, and guide an open discussion on a topic – everyone gets to share their views and their opinions – even the children. No matter how large we get, this will not change.

We don’t have music – not that we do not want music – we just don’t have anyone who can lead us in doing so, and we are not going to simply plug in sound tracks to fill the space. We believe the Divine will send us someone who can lead us in music, but it’s important that that person understand who we are, and not take us down a traditional, or contemporary, path.

We think. This means we all have something to share – something we learned, something we lived that we would love to share with others – and we encourage people to do just that – share.

At PIVOT, we share our needs, our lives, our loves, our fears, our concerns, our needs, and when we can we help those in our Community of Faith with those needs. Since we do not have a building to pay for, or salaries, at this time we use our time, gifts and resources to help those in need. So, if your thinking about coming, know this – we are active in helping others.