Dream With Us

When you think of church is this what comes to mind?

Sleeping in church1






What if there were a different vision?


PIVOT Dream1

At PIVOT our dream, our goal, our plan, our vision, is to be a very different kind of faith community. If you think about it, most churches are open for a few hours on Sunday, and maybe a few hours during the week. But, what if the paradigm shifted?

Let’s ask some “What if” questions:
What if a faith community was open seven days a week serving others?
What if this faith community looked like a coffee shop/juice bar?
What if this faith community offered ‘open-mic-nights’ where local bands [any style of music] could play and get exposure?
What if this faith community was open for people to meet, without charge, to build community and support?
What if this faith community donated all their profits – ALL PROFITS -to local start-up organizations?

That is the dream and vision at PIVOT. To be a place where the community can connect, while openly and honestly helping other organizations get off the ground.