Community of Action


At PIVOT, we believe people are looking for an amazing community of people where they will be loved for who they are, and not what others expect from them. People are looking to participated in a community where they can experience joy, the grace of being wanted, where they are embrace, love, lifted, nurtured, and welcomed with loving arms. We believe people are looking for a place where they can share in a desire to reach past themselves and welcome people who are searching, doubting, questioning, and hurt by other churches. So, what does a Community in Action look like?

A Community in Action looks like…

A community rich in ethnic, and generational diversity, focused on our community, and the City where we live.
A community where the Divine’s love for all people, the marginalize, the outsiders, the others, is expressed, and we walk alongside each other in grace, love and forgiveness.
A community where people love each other, and the City we’re involved in.
A community where we express a common unity, while celebrating differences.
A community seeking to do what it takes to reach out beyond the self, and meet the needs of the broken, the hurting, the sick, those in need; people like you, and me.
A community where creativity, innovation, and interactivity define who we are, and where they overpowers the human desire to focus on problems.
A community which understands that people were captivated by Jesus because of his love for them, and where we seek to captivate others with our love for them; where love is a lifestyle.
A community driven by love, focused in grace, living in forgiveness, and sharing in hope.
A community where we believe strongly that your story, my story, our stories, connect to each other and to Divine story – a place where our narratives are shared.
A community where we understand knowing someone means we are open to hearing their story, and where we have empathy with their journey.
A community where we keep reaching outward, inward, and upward, to make a difference in our lives, and in the lives of others.
A community where voices are heard, creative expression is encouraged; where no question is wrong.
A community where being open, and transparent [even about money], are values we hold to be dear.
A community that understands Jesus didn’t love the unlovable; for Jesus, there was no one who was, or is, unlovable.